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Race engine technology and the Raceshop professional team can provide you with a winning combination for all of your racing and performance requirements. The latest equipment for professional block blueprinting that will insure that your engine block is prepared for maximum performance and durability; deck surfaces squared and trued, cylinder bores are located properly and precision bored, crank journals and cam journals are aligned and accurate, and lifter location is correct for proper valvetrain performance. The Raceshop uses the newest CWT balancer to insure that every rotating assembly is balanced to race engine specifications. A new computer controlled Rottler vetical honing center that insures a perfectly round bore and a surface finish to match the ring manufacturers’ specifications for perfect sealing; every block has a recorded profilometer finish as part of the blueprinting process at the SDPC Raceshop. A full complement of cylinder head machining equipment, porting room, and Superflow 1020 Flowbench insures that your engine will make maximum horsepower and torque. Take on the online tour or come by and see us in person!